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Sudan Trade Point


Transportation by its variable means regard as key tool in trade exchange  activities and facilitate trade movement locally ,regionally and worldwide  this come by swapping commodities ,cargo, man or capitals ,add to this its pioneer role in realizing regional and international integration. 

For its importance in domestic and foreign trade and significance of Sudan characterized by  huge number of goods in continuous need to transportation services from production to consuming places and from national to international market  all this lead to  set up remarkable care on this sector in Sudan comprising ( marine. air. river, railways ,land and pipelines)

For serving all beneficiaries in and out side Sudan of (producers .traders .businessmen, exporters and importers) trade facilitation Department show vast concern by transportation sector offering database and information represented in the following:

Data base of 19 companies dealing in marine transportation

Data base of 4 companies dealing in air transportation

Data base of 27 company dealing in land transportation- Trucks (dry)

Data base of 48 company dealing in land transportation –Trucks (liquid)


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