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Sudan Trade Point


Generally banks is principal sector in trade development as it represent the main factor of trade facilitation and spreading of banks is main cause of trade development to all country towns by enlarge its participations utilizing of banks services and financing also easy movement of cash and issuing letter of credits. all these lead to trade development, banks as a trade facilitation element is one of the most essential.

Nowadays world moving towards Liberalization of commerce and finance services according to WTO requirements which lead to big competitiveness in national and international markets, and appearance of pressure on markets share and profit to local banks and insurance companies, on the other hand great benefits gained in time of globalization and liberating of financial and insurance services, that it give chance to local institutions entering markets of WTO member countries.

 Arab financial institutions to be able to face challenges must accept the new and modern developments and get adapted or being subjected to margining and termination and will never be able to compete the flexible financial institutions nationally of internationally.

Trade facilitation Department made Sudanese banks information available along with procedures of export and import.

Database of 36 commercial banks in Sudan

Database of 20 money exchange in Sudan