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Sudan Trade Point

Packing & Packaging

Packing & Packaging considered being one of the substantial and important industries in industrial development strategies that it’s associated by numerous of industrial and agricultural sectors and representing essential tie between production and consuming centers. by Packing & Packaging products are prepared  in optimum shape to secures its transportation, storing, marketing  add to this keeping products safe of environmental side effects such light, air, humidity ,germs and dirt .

This industry is one of the giant and diverse industry in developed countries compared by developing countries in spite of big losses occurred due to bad implementing of standards which lead to spoil of products and to be not accepted by foreign markets, in addition the great competitiveness which resulted also in domestic market as Packing & Packaging importance based on the follows:

·        Promotion good packing declare of product

·        Keeping product safe and delivered in best condition

·        Enhancing competitiveness


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