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Faba bean (Broad bean)

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Faba bean ( Vicia faba L) is a significant crop worldwide, ranking fourth important grain pulse after dry beans, dry peas and chickpeas. And second popular food legume in Europe. The bean is a common breakfast meal in the Mediterranean region, Central and East Asia, and Ethiopia, and a familiar crop in the Americas and Oceania. Broad beans are the most favored food legume in the Sudan.
Faba bean In Sudan
Faba bean is the most important food legume in Sudan. It makes up a major part of the daily diet for the population. it constitutes the main dish on the breakfast and dinner tables for large sector of population, and consumed by all income groups. The average per capita consumption was found to be 2.25 kg/month in the urban area, it is considered among the most important annually produced crops with respect to its share in area and farm income in the River Nile State.
Moreover, it plays an important role in sustaining the productivity of the farming systems through the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.
The northern region of Sudan is considered as one of the main supplier of faba bean in the country. The crop is commonly produced under pump irrigation from the River Nile.
Faba bean requires a cool season for best development. It is grown in a winter, In the Sudan; faba bean is grown in the Northern and Nile States, where temperature is relatively cooler and winter longer. Moderate moisture supply is essential, with highest requirement at about 9-12 weeks after establishment. Faba bean production is takes place under farming system of small private pump schemes and some big public schemes.
The seed has a relatively high protein content 24-33% ,in common with many of the grain legumes it is deficient in the essential amino-acids methionine and cystine ,especially when the grain is baked .Nevertheless ,the beans are a good source  of energy (340 calories per 100 mg),a fat (1.5 %),carbohydrates (49-57%),fibre (4.5%),calcium (100mg),iron (6mg)and vitamin A (25-100 I.U).
Benefits of Broad Beans
•    The protein content of Broad bean seeds is very high, it constitutes to about 20-33%
•    It is a proper aid to be used for diuretic, expectorant, and tonic
•    The beans can be eaten after being cooked accordingly or the small pods can be eaten whole. Their flavor is mild and pleasant with a floury texture
•    Cultivated as a green or dried vegetable. It can be used as a fresh vegetable or can be canned for future storage as well
•    Used as a stock feed and livestock feed as well. Its feeding value is comparatively larger than other legumes
•    Broad Beans are the principal protein source for poor people in some Asian and Mediterranean countries.
•    Broadbean has been also been considered as a potential meat extender or substitute and as a skim-milk substitute
•    In some places it is also grown for green manure as it is a fertility enhancer crop
•    It is one of the most important winter crops for human consumption in the middle East
•    Roast seed are eaten like peanuts in India
•    Broad bean seeds are very nutritious and are frequently used as items of food

Sudanese Faba bean Cultivars
Cultivars approved by the Agricultural Research Corporation are: Balabie Mohassan ,Hodabya  72 , Salim Mohassan , Shambat , Shambat 75, Shambat 104, Hodabya 93 .

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