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Hibiscus (Karkadeh)

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Hibiscus   : (Hibiscus sabdariffa )
Scientific classification:
Kingdom : (Plantae )  - Family: Malvaceae Genus
Hibiscus contains : calories protein, fat, total carbohydrate, fiber, ascorbic acid.
Hibiscus applications

  1. The chemicals in hibiscus flower helps in growth of hair. It reduces dandruff and makes the hair black.
  2. The natural oil in this flower acts as a good conditioner.
  3. As herbal tea it contains many minerals and vitamins.
  4. This flower improves digestion. Hence raw flowers are eaten by Hawaiian people, and Chinese eat this flower by making pickle.
  5. The fiber from this stem is qualitative. This can be used in manufacturing of clothes, nets and paper.

Hibiscus Specifications

  • Moisture content 12% max.
  • Color Purple- Red
  • Extract content 41%min.
  • Protein content 5% max.
  • Ash & mineral salts 10% max
  • Impurities 2% max
  • Vitamins C (as cerbicacid) 80—100mg/100gm.
  • Natural pigment more than 1 1/2mg/100grms.
  • Reducing sugar 12%max.
  • Hibiscus (Dry flower) Fiber 15%mini.
  • Carbohydrates -
  • Total acids 25----30%

Types of Hibiscus

  1. Dry Flower.
  2. Sifting.
  3. Powder.

Packing and Export
Packing is usually done in PP bags 20~22 KG, and exported in 40 feet containers which will carry 12 metric tons.

To Download Hibiscus Catalogue.... click here