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Ministry of Industry and Trade>> Sudan Trade Point

Sudan Trade Point

Currency: Sterling Pound    Sale: 700.5305    Buy: - Currency: Japanese Yen    Sale: 4.2331    Buy: - Currency: Swiss Franc    Sale: 575.9931    Buy: - Currency: Canadian Dollar    Sale: 44.9630    Buy: - Currency: Swedish Kronor    Sale: 56.6991    Buy: - Currency: Norwagian Kroner    Sale: 58.5713    Buy: - Currency: Danish Krone    Sale: 80.4571    Buy: - Currency: Kuwait Dinar    Sale: 1843.9433    Buy: - Currency: Saudi Riyal    Sale: 151.6593    Buy: - Currency: U.A.E Dirham    Sale: 154.2870    Buy: - Currency: Riyal Qatar    Sale: 154.8916    Buy: - Currency: Bahrain Dinar    Sale: 1508.9920    Buy: - Currency: Omani Riyal    Sale: 1477.2609    Buy: - Currency: UAPTA    Sale: -    Buy: - Currency: Egypt    Sale: -    Buy: - Currency: Euro    Sale: 598.7619    Buy: - Currency: USD    Sale: 569.0409    Buy: -
Item Prices     Russian milling wheat 12.5%: 430USD    Ukrainian milling wheat 12.5%: 430USD    Black sea milling wheat: 385USD    White Sugar: 553USD    Raw Sugar: 415.12USD    Gold: 1834.05USD    Silver: 21.27USD    Brent oil crude: 109.54USD    Arab oil (heavy): 108.12USD    Arab oil (Extra Light): 110.47USD   


  • The Ministry of Trade approved Sudanese Sugar Company to import 300,000 tons of white raw sugar, similar to the private sector, according import regulations for this necessary commodity.

    The participation of the Sudanese Trade Point in the 38th session of the Khartoum International Fair

    45th International Food and Beverage Exhibition (FOODEX Japan 2020)

Monthly Foreign Trade Report

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    comprise exhibitions and reliable companies wishing to access Sudanese market and create business partnerships

    March 2018
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    FAO Cereal Supply and Demand Brief March 2018

    March 2018
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    FAO Food Price Index March 2018

    March 2018
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    World Prices Bulletin February 2018

    March 2018
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    Sudan Trade profile 2012

    January 2014


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    Conceptual Design& Specifications of Solar Pump Testing Facility for Sudan's Solar Water Pumps Project (SWP) Close Date: April 11,2018

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    Request for proposal (RFP): No:RFP/SUSTAIN/IFAD/MOF/01/2018 For the Provision of Consulting Services(Legal Consultancy on Natural Resources Management Bills) Close Date : 29/03/2018

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    Tender No: 7/2018 Supply and implementation of Al-Muqrin water project close Date : 26/03/2018


commodity price

Item type Unit market price SDG
Sorghum Fatarita Alardb Al Gdarif 530
Sorghum Fatarita Alardb Al Gdarif 530
Sorghum - - Al Gdarif 730
Sesame White Gintar Al Gdarif 5200
Sorghum Dabar Alardb Al Gdarif 6220
Sorghum Fatarita Alardb Al Gdarif 6050
Sorghum Tatron Alardb Al Gdarif 7020
Millet - Alardb Al Gdarif 7850
Sorghum Dabar Alardb Al Gdarif 5520
Sorghum Fatarita Alardb Al Gdarif 5350
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